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Review of the 2007 edition

Y. Savchenko breaks the 2m barrier!

T. Hellebaut and N. Forrester on the podium

What a show! What an atmosphere! Only 2 days after jumping 1.96m in Moscow, Yekaterina Savchenko (RUS) set a new meeting and stadium record in Dudelange, and her new personal best in an exciting contest - certainly the best we ever had in this competition. Together with European Champion Tia Hellabaut, she passed 1.94m, and then at the next height, 1.96m, she cleared the bar in the third attempt, whereas Tia unfortunately missed it. Apparently reborn, she cleared 1.98 and 2.00 at the first attempt, amazing all the numerous spectators that had made it to the arena. Yekaterina improved her personal best from 2003 (1.98) by 2cm, and realized the 5th best performance of 2007 in the world!

European Champion Tia Hellebaut had some troubles with her approch during her second appearance in Dudelange, certainly due to the fact that she is in the middle of a tough training phase. Although a little bit disappointed, she however finished second with a good performance of 1.94m.

The third place went to Canadian Champion Nicole Forrester, also during her second appearance, by realizing a good 1.90m. During some jumps she showed some troubles, and had to wait twice until the last attempt to pass the heights of 1.84 and 1.87, but then she cleared 1.90m a great first attempt.

Two more athletes finished above 1.80m, Russians Tatiana Kivimyagi, who had already won in 2004 under the name of Tatiana Novoseltseva, with 1.84 and Viktoriya Klyugina (Sergey's wife) with 1.81m. Tatiana Mnatsakanova also had some difficulties in finding her optimum point, and finished 6th with 1.78m.

Youngster Hannelore Desmet showed a great contest and an impressive technique. While only being 1.67m tall, she surpassed herself by 11cm and finished at a very good height of 1.78m.

Everpresent Sabrina de Leeuw, well-known in Dudelange in the meantime as it was already her fifth appearance, jumped 1.74m.

The local Liz Kuffer could show up with a very pleasant competition, clearly having learned from her last year's first appearance. She managed 1.70m without any problems at her second attempt, and missed 1.74m, which would have been new personal best, for something like a hair's thickness..., it already looked like she had passed but the bar fell only a second later.

Diana Laznikova, at her 4th appearance in Dudelange, unfortunately could not confirm the good performances she had done previously, and finished with a somehow disappointing 1.70m.

Compared to the last weeks, we had been very lucky with the climatic conditions during this weekend. It was almost always cloudy, but rain only fell in very light showers. And since the "historical" edition of 1998, where Christian Rhoden realized the second best performance of the year world-wide by jumping 2.32m, certainly the best competition we had!

Rank Name Perf.
1 Yekaterina SAVCHENKO (RUS) 2.00m MR/SR/PB
2 Tia HELLEBAUT (BEL) 1.94m
3 Nicole FORRESTER (CAN) 1.90m
4 Tatiana KIVIMYAGI (RUS) 1.84m
5 Viktoriya KLYUGINA (RUS) 1.81m
6 Tatiana MNATSAKANOVA (RUS) 1.78m
7 Hannelore DESMET (BEL) 1.78m
8 Sabrina DE LEEUW (BEL) 1.74m
9 Liz KUFFER (LUX) 1.70m
10 Diana LAZNICKOVA (SVK) 1.70m

                              1.55 1.60 1.65 1.70 1.74 1.78 1.81 1.84 1.87 1.90 1.92 1.94 1.96 1.98 2.00 2.03
 1 Yekaterina SAVCHENKO (RUS) -    -    -    -    o    o    xo   o    o    o    o    o    xxo  o    o    xxx
 2 Tia HELLEBAUT (BEL)        -    -    -    -    -    -    o    o    o    xo   xxo  xo   xxx
 3 Nicole FORRESTER (CAN)     -    -    -    -    -    -    o    xxo  xxo  o    xxx
 4 Tatiana KIVIMYAGI (RUS)    -    -    -    -    o    o    o    xo   xxx
 5 Viktoriya KLYUGINA (RUS)   -    -    -    -    o    o    o    xxx
 6 Tatiana MNATSAKANOVA (RUS) -    -    -    -    -    o    xxx
 7 Hannelore DESMET (BEL)     -    o    o    o    o    xo   xxx
 8 Sabrina DE LEEUW (BEL)     -    -    -    o    o    xxx
 9 Liz KUFFER (LUX)           -    o    o    xo   xxx
10 Diana LAZNICKOVA (SVK)     o    o    o    xxo  xxx

Winners of the last editions

    Yekaterina Savchenko (Russia) 2.00m MR
2006 Gennadiy Moroz (Belorussia) 2.20m   Romana Dubnova (Czechia) 1.91m
2005 Gennadiy Moroz (Belorussia) 2.29m   Viktoriya Seryogina (Russia) 1.95m MR
2004 Jesse de Lima (Brazil) 2.24m   Tatyana Novoseltseva (Russia) 1.91m
2003 Alexeij Kravtsov (Russia) 2.23m   Birgit Kähler (Germany) 1.88m
2002 Tomas Ort (Czechia) 2.26m   Maria Melova (Slovakia) 1.91m
2001 Tora Harris (USA) 2.24m   Alina Astafei (Germany) 1.88m
2000 Christian Rhoden (Germany) 2.30m   Maria Melova (Slovakia) 1.90m
1999 Patrick de Paepe (Belgium) 2.18m   Irčne Tiendrebeogo (Monaco) 1.92m
1998 Christian Rhoden (Germany) 2.32m MR   Birgit Kähler (Germany) 1.93m MR
    Andrea Baumert (Germany) 1.78m
    Daniela Rath (Germany) 1.83m
1995 Raymond Conzemius (Luxembourg) 2.22m  

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